Greetings and welcome!

Hello friends, and welcome to the Plenty of Dating Advice blog! This is going to be the landing page for show notes for the podcast, episode transcripts, and occasional bonus posts or written interviews from any audio-shy guests. If schadenfreude is your thing, you're interested in hearing dating horror stories or want to see what … Continue reading Greetings and welcome!


New episode! Now with more Dan!

I've been talking about my interview with Dan basically forever, and now you get to listen to it! I think he's really funny and we had fun recording together, which is really the whole point for me, but I do hope you enjoy it. Also, if you enjoy listening to me and/or my guests, please … Continue reading New episode! Now with more Dan!

Episode 4: I interviewed my favorite lesbian!

I'm back with a new episode! It's been a minute. This week I interview my best friend, favorite lesbian, and #wifeforlife, Sarah. We talk about some of her past relationships, dating horror stories, and the time someone traveled 1500 miles to visit her and be creepy. It's not all bad though; we also talk about … Continue reading Episode 4: I interviewed my favorite lesbian!