Occasionally, Google gives me gold

Hello internet friends!

I wasn’t planning a bonus post today, but so many things in life don’t go as planned, and I couldn’t just ignore the golden opportunity Google presented me with.

So, if you’re a Gmail user (at this point who isn’t? Only old people and AOL holdouts), you’ve seen the ads they place at the top of your inbox. It’s targeted marketing of course, usually for things like insurance or affordable home furnishings; things we all need, all want to save money on, and Google is here to help us when we need it. I for one welcome our benevolent robot overlords.

I’m getting off topic here.

Normally these ads are so bland that I barely even notice that they’re there, but I saw one this evening that said “Another bad date?” This was shortly after putting some ideas on paper for a future post about some of my terrible dates. Ok Google, I see you. Out of morbid curiosity I opened the ad, and I was not disappointed.

Screenshot 2019-05-06 22.46.15

Yes, you’re looking at a grizzly, tough-looking biker dude, in an ad targeted to women. My question is: what kind of women?

I’m all for niche dating sites, assuming they don’t fetishize minority populations in gross ways, but this seems so weird to me. I come from a biker family, and I can’t imagine any of the women in my family, even the older ones, being into an ad or site like this. If they want to meet biker dudes, they wait for a nice day and go to any bar near any body of water. That’s where the bikers congregate, at least where I’m from.

Is this the next farmeronly.com? Part of me wants to sign up just to see what it’s like.


3 thoughts on “Occasionally, Google gives me gold

  1. I’m sure there are thousands of these niche sites for folks who are looking for someone specific, but too busy/nervous to go about meeting them in a traditional way. I say to each their own!

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    1. I knew I could rely on your devil’s advocacy.

      Like I said, I’m all for niche sites. The thing that i found funny about this one is a) Google thought I wanted to see the ad, b) the photo and c) the ad copy. It’s so over the top, it’s like the person who wrote it doesn’t have experience with actual bikers, but has read lots of Harlequin romances about them.

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      1. First of all, Google was right. As far as the photo and ad copy, it wouldn’t surprise me that their demographic IS the Harlequin romance readers,in which case they NAILED IT!

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