New episode! Now with more Dan!

I've been talking about my interview with Dan basically forever, and now you get to listen to it! I think he's really funny and we had fun recording together, which is really the whole point for me, but I do hope you enjoy it. Also, if you enjoy listening to me and/or my guests, please … Continue reading New episode! Now with more Dan!


Episode 5, iTunes and Meetup

Welcome back friends (meaning Heather and the 3 people who happen upon this in WordPress), today we're talking about iTunes and Meetup.First and foremost, my show, my little podcast baby, is finally on iTunes and can be found here for your listening pleasure. It's taken a long time, but there I am. I'm going to … Continue reading Episode 5, iTunes and Meetup

Episode 1: Please allow me to introduce myself Hello and welcome to the Plenty of Dating Advice podcast where we discuss all things related to dating, from apps to breakups and everything in between. I'm your host Teresa, and since this is our very first episode I'd like to talk about myself and what I'm doing here. Firstly, I'd like to say … Continue reading Episode 1: Please allow me to introduce myself